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Authors & Titles

Option A: Automation
If you already have a solution for tracking the life cycle of new books including the authors, we can link both solutions, where one click will transfer select Author(s) and Title(s) to the HS Royalties Module

Option B: Individually
• Add the Author(s)
• Add the Title(s)
• Add the Author(s) to a Title  

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In the future, we envision many new workflow efficiencies with FileMaker's latest tools for integration and communications between other technologies, some of which are Open Source.

The new challenges we currently face will require extraordinary optimism and effort, where we will come out ahead.

We are working on a web interface that will allow secure access for Authors, Customers and Distributors to integrate their efforts even more effectively.

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Many new doors are opening in technology to allow multiple points for integration of data and services